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Internal Corporate Podcasts

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Internal Corporate Podcasts

The Learning Innovations podcast

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What's inside?

Internal podcasts are a great way to reach out to your employees or colleagues, wherever they are.

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Stakeholders in many industries are excited about the potential of internal podcasts because they provide a secure way to disseminate company learnings in a relaxed, interview-based format. Mike Lenz, co-host of The Learning Innovations podcasts, interviews Angela Shanahan, who shares the lessons she learned from bringing an internal podcast to her colleagues in the consumer packaging industry.


Information offered in internal podcasts is up-to-date.

People are only beginning to use podcasts for internal communications, but they're  are gaining traction with stakeholders. Podcasts can help bring people in large companies closer together and provide more up-to-date and relevant information than formal modes of learning or communication. When Angela Shanahan first pitched the podcast idea to her superiors, it was only to assist women in their industry. Management encouraged her to think biggerand gave her lots of freedom to explore the...

About the Podcast

The Learning Innovations podcast covers innovation in the learning space. Hosts Doug Bushée and Mike Lenz share the tools, resources and trends to keep learning and development professionals up-to-date. In this episode, Lenz interviews Angela Shanahan, senior manager of learning & development at Brand Value Accelerator. 

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