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As life expectancies lengthen, the responsibility to provide for retirement will rest more heavily on individuals. According to this penetrating analysis from the World Economic Forum, smart technology will provide greater opportunities for future retirees to participate and earn more in their pension accounts. But they will need secure classes of instruments and responsible, reasonably priced portfolio management. Policy experts, pension plan sponsors and investment managers will find useful conclusions in this forward-looking report.

About the Author

The World Economic Forum is an independent global organization that engages leaders of business, politics, academia and society to improve the state of the world. 



Increasing global life expectancy has challenged the viability of traditional retirement systems.

A study suggests that almost one-third of people say they plan to go on working past their retirement age. But across the world, national social insurance programs and employer-paid defined-benefit pensions are shouldering the burden of providing for individuals’ extended life spans. Retirement funding gaps are widening. Individuals now must take more control over their retirement planning than in the recent past to accumulate larger nest eggs. Reforms to make national retirement systems more secure and maintainable for...

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