Summary of Investors Bank’s Dennis Budinich on Kindness in the Workplace

Investors Bank’s Dennis Budinich on Kindness in the Workplace summary

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While it’s important to upgrade your skills in a swiftly changing market, it’s equally crucial to seek knowledge outside your area of professional expertise. Investors Bank chief culture officer Dennis Budinich and getAbstract co-founder and chair Patrick Brigger discuss the expanding role of organizational learning and development and explain why a mind-set receptive to new ways of thinking is an essential element of long-term business and personal growth and success.

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Tearsheet media company publishes information on technology’s impact in the financial industry. Its podcast features interviews with fintech senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. In this episode, Tearsheet founder and managing editor Zack Miller interviews Dennis Budinich – the chief culture officer for New Jersey–based Investors Bank – and Patrick Brigger – the chairman and co-founder of summary producer getAbstract.


Remaining competitive takes a willingness to challenge your behaviors and change your habits.

People and organizations must engage in continuous learning to grow and be successful. Habits become ingrained and change becomes more difficult when a person has held a position for many years. A new outlook enables individuals to envision better versions of themselves, which forges new paths and creates opportunities in various areas of their lives.

Organizations must foster an openness to new ways of thinking so employees can acquire skills, improve productivity and increase their value to the company. Organizational learning and development (L&D) must shift from a focus on workplace skills to more holistic development that includes soft skills and knowledge beyond industry boundaries. Companies should encourage curiosity and leverage the...

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