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Comprehensive Coverage: A Practical Working Guide

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Getting Started in Six Sigma book summary
Six Sigma without the jargon and mystification: in a nutshell, your mission is to serve your customers.


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Books on Six Sigma often read like ancient testaments from which you must blow the dust before you crack them open. Full of half-explained jargon and abstruse terms, they tend to shed more confusion than illumination. Eventually, you throw up your hands and decide you’ll just have to hire a consultant if you are ever to understand this stuff, even though most of those books are - surprise! - written by consultants. This offering by Michael C. Thomsett is a welcome exception. A champion financial writer, Thomsett ventures into heady consultant territory and emerges with an unnervingly comprehensible book about launching a straightforward Six Sigma quality control program. advises you not to let this book’s brevity fool you. It will tell you everything you always wanted to know about starting in Six Sigma, but were afraid to ask a consultant. Comprehensive as well as comprehensible, it lives up to the description on its cover: "A Practical Working Guide."

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to use the basic elements of Six Sigma;
  • How to apply the DMAIC formula to Six Sigma projects; and
  • How Six Sigma can help you overhaul your customer service operation.


Let Nothing Slip Away
The author once spied a fisherman mending the tears in a large net, which he had spread across the breadth of an entire dock. Methodically, he examined every square centimeter of the net and stopped to fix even the slightest tear.

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About the Author

Michael C. Thomsett is a former accountant who has written 500-plus articles and more than 60 books on assorted business topics, including real estate, investing and management.

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