Summary of The U.S. Manufacturing Recovery

Uptick or Renaissance?


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The U.S. Manufacturing Recovery summary
US manufacturing has bounced back, but that doesn’t necessarily presage a new American machine age.


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The days when US factory output accounted for 20% of America’s GDP have long since passed. The IMF’s economists say that, nevertheless, the speed of US manufacturing’s rebound from the dark days of the Great Recession is remarkable. The domestic energy revolution, combined with dollar depreciation and lower labor costs, could gradually increase US industrial output over the long term. This clear, concise IMF paper provides an overview that industry leaders will find invaluable and that getAbstract highly recommends.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the remarkable rebound in US manufacturing portends;
  • How US dollar depreciation, domestic energy growth and labor cost reductions have all helped boost industrial output; and
  • How manufacturing will affect US GDP in the future.


The speed and strength of the recovery in US manufacturing after the Great Recession have sparked debate about whether the rebound represents a natural “uptick” in the economic cycle or presages an American industrial “renaissance.” Manufacturing output rose by almost 20% from 2009 to 2013, spurred ...
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About the Authors

Oya Celasun, Gabriel Di Bella, Tim Mahedy and Chris Papageorgiou are economists at the IMF.

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