Summary of What If 3D Printing Was 100x Faster?

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What If 3D Printing Was 100x Faster? summary
The dawn of 3D printing revolutionized manufacturing. Joseph DeSimone’s creation is about to revolutionize 3D printing.


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Inventor Joseph DeSimone converts the TED stage into his demonstration laboratory. He introduces his revolutionary 3D printer, which manufactures a complex spherical lattice in real time as DeSimone speaks. Throughout his esoteric 10-minute talk, audience attention is gripped on his brainchild, and the result is astounding. getAbstract recommends this visually enticing video to manufacturers and to anyone curious about the potential of 3D printing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why existing 3D printing techniques are limited,
  • How Joseph DeSimone’s 3D printing technique overcomes these flaws and
  • What potential the 3D manufacturing process holds.


The current process of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is not, in fact, 3D printing; rather, it is 2D printing repeated again and again in layers. This system is slow, and the layered structures it produces are vulnerable to defects. Despite these drawbacks, for some intricate items, such as...
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About the Speaker

Chemist, inventor and serial entrepreneur Joseph DeSimone is the CEO and co-founder of Carbon3D.

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