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It’s All About Connection

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It’s All About Connection

How Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Rewriting the Meaning of Marketing

Sprout Social,

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Traditional advertising has had its day. What type of marketing will take its place?

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In a world of ad-blocking software and skeptical consumers, the old ways of marketing are slipping away. Instead, companies have to find a new approach. Andrew Caravella of social media management tool Sprout Social argues that brands need to connect with their customers to truly succeed. In this well-structured, clearly written overview, he provides concrete examples of direct-to-consumer companies that are doing things right.


Today’s consumers are skeptical of conventional advertising. They’re more likely to respond to companies that build relationships with them. Direct-to-consumer brands like Away are using storytelling to build communities of enthusiastic customers. The luggage supplier raised $700 million in venture capital after just three years of selling not just sleek, minimalist suitcases, but the exciting prospect of a life full of travel as well. Customers come back to companies that seem genuinely interested in them...

About the Author

Andrew Caravella is vice president of global partnerships at Sprout Social, a social media management tool.

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