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Just Sit

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Just Sit

A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should but Don’t

Harper Wave,

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What's inside?

Meditating is easier than you think. To get started, “just sit.”

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Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz offer tools to help you start meditating today. Co-founders of the popular newsletter The Well Daily, they provide a history of meditation, describe its psychological and medical impact, and offer entertaining personal anecdotes. Their guidance is meant for those who need intellectual prodding as well as those who want a straightforward account of what to do – with no spiritual propaganda. Clever illustrations by Niege Borges highlight their pivotal concepts and help you visualize and defeat preconceived notions that might keep you from meditating. The authors offer abundant exercises to help you try different kinds of meditation and learn what works for you. They lace their advice with humor and encouragement, and they explain various optional accoutrements, such as pillows, gongs and bells. Their book will give you a context for selecting different meditation techniques, traditions, classes and retreats.  


Everybody Can Meditate

More and more people, companies, and even the military now recognize the value of meditation. With 10 million people in the United States now practicing meditation – six million doing so under doctor’s orders – it’s becoming increasingly mainstream. The health insurance giant Aetna introduced a mindfulness and gentle yoga program for all its employees in 2011. The company found that the program reduced health care costs by $2,000 per worker and generated a $3,000 productivity gain per worker. General Mills, Target and the financial giant Goldman Sachs have launched in-house meditation programs. But you don’t need anyone else to help you meditate. All you need to do is “just sit.”

Meditation Practice Basics

Sit still, close your eyes, breathe – that’s all meditation requires; it’s easy to say but harder to do. Pick a time when you can meditate daily to create a habit, which will make it easier to continue. Eventually you will build to 20 minutes, but start by sitting for three minutes. Don’t try to run a marathon before you...

About the Authors

Sukey Novogratz is an executive producer of two documentaries, The Hunting Ground and I Am Evidence. Elizabeth Novogratz has published books on the home. As co-founders of the online newsletter, The Well Daily, they travel globally to study diverse meditation practices.

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