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Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business

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Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business

24 Ways to Hang On to Your Most Valuable Talent


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To keep great employees, treat them with respect, give them some fun, offer them a future... and hire the right people in the first place.

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If you are fed up with recruiting, training and motivating new employees only to see them ride off into the sunset, you probably need to re-think some of your basic approaches to running your business. You can emerge a winner in the now fully joined war for great talent - the inevitable collision of a low unemployment rate with the corporate world’s growing need for skilled workers. Management consultant Leigh Branham has written a lively, thorough guide to keeping great employees. Her book, which is a pleasure to read, is filled with plenty of sound, usable advice and examples from large and small companies. No matter what your industry is or how big your company might be, her guidance is likely to help you keep your best people longer. getAbstract recommends this book to executives and managers. Read it before your competition does.


The War for Talent

The days of employees staying in one place for their entire careers are long over. Employees are on the move, looking for better opportunities. Some leave for more professional or creative freedom, some for money, others for that elusive goal of greater job satisfaction. Whatever their motivation - and often it’s because they don’t feel well treated - frequent turnover costs companies millions of dollars. The war for talent gives employees unprecedented opportunities and, thus, more incentives to leave. Employees want more than money. They want respect, autonomy, challenge and the feeling that their work is meaningful. Employers often overlook these very human factors. Remember them, and you stand a greater chance of keeping your employees, particularly if you use the following strategies.

Create a Company Where People Want to Work

Companies can build reputations as being somewhere that people want to work. These firms don’t just claim that "people are our most important asset," they back that up with a corporate culture of commitment that includes:

  1. A give-and-get-back philosophy.
  2. Measuring what counts...

About the Author

Leigh Branham  is vice president of consulting services for Right Management Consultants, a human resources consulting firm. He lives in Lake Quivera, Kansas.

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