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Kickstart Your Time Management

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Kickstart Your Time Management

The Complete Guide to Great Work Habits


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What's inside?

Start time management by prioritizing and sorting ruthlessly. Decide on each task: do it, delegate it or dump it.

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Most likely, if you’re interested in achieving time management, you’re not interested in spending a lot of your precious time reading about it. English author Frances Kay understands this and she knows her audience. Her succinct, practical guide offers tips and suggestions in such a way that you can open it to any page and glean valuable advice at a glance. Kay digs deeply into building time management skills in the office, though she glosses over time management outside the workplace. Although the book contains very few groundbreaking ideas, it does contain several "kickstart tips" that are very much like proverbs. And like proverbs, they should be taken to heart - they’ll help you improve your time use. If you feel as if you’ve lost control of the minutes in your day, assures you that you can begin the process of taking them back by picking up this book.


What is Time Management?

Time doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of who you are, you can’t recoup it once it’s gone. Your only alternative is to manage the time you have. To be successful at time management, you must be organized and focused. Unlike its name, time management really has little to do with time. It’s really about what you need to do, your results and your ability to remain in control. Time management requires acting on each task: do it, delegate it or dump it. Manage your time, and you’ll have less stress, more accomplishments and fewer fires to extinguish.

Establish Good Habits

Your personality type indicates what type of time manager you are. You may be more people-oriented, a good communicator who is skilled at encouraging teamwork. Or, you may be more task-oriented, someone who finds delegating difficult, but will get the task done. Once you know your propensity, work on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

Chances are that if you find it difficult to manage your time, you’ve slipped into some less-than-desirable habits. Do a few basic things to take back your time:

  • Hit the big jobs – Schedule large...

About the Author

Frances Kay is founder and president of a business solutions consultant firm called Acumen2. As a professional organizer and author, she lectures on organization skills and on issues facing women in the workplace. She lives in Gloucestershire, England.

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