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An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management


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Once upon a time, a King put his folks in aligned jobs, and brought order to his chaotic kingdom. Wishing you the same.

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This loosely medieval management parable about "a king at his wits’ end" has several winning characteristics. First, it’s relevant without taking itself too seriously. The light, self-effacing - even occasionally tongue-in-cheek - tone makes it easily readable. Authors Sheldon Bowles, Richard Silvano and Susan Silvano actively engage readers with a brief interactive online test that reveals your personality "guild type." Then they draw on their narrative’s strength to move forward. Many books about emotional intelligence give readers little practical help. This one is fun, helpful and entertaining even though its guild classification system may need additional tweaking. Apparently designed primarily for workplace applications, it lacks the specificity of the more familiar Myers-Briggs test, which in comparison practically predicts how you’ll want your eggs cooked a month from next Tuesday. Notwithstanding these minor limitations, recommends this book to managers, coaches, consultants, EQ practitioners and those HR folks burdened with softening the Type A corporate hearts who run most organizations.


A Knight Like This

You don’t need much emotional intelligence to understand that each person is unique. The challenge is to understand your nature and to understand the characters and personality types around you. Many of the systems designed to reveal an individual’s true nature are based on the work of psychologist-psychiatrist Carl Jung. From that tradition comes "Kingdomality," the process of understanding others by linking their personality types with role models that define probable behaviors across a range of different characteristics.

The imaginary citizens of a medieval kingdom offer an array of personality types. Find out which one you mirror by using the simple test in the book or online, where the computer-driven analysis is more specific. This test helps you understand your role and the roles of your colleagues and even your relatives. It helps you identify what you do well, and warns you of any blind spots. Once you understand your tendencies, you’ll be much better at spotting them in others. This system teaches three essential lessons about organizational life:

  1. The Kingdom only works well if every role is fulfilled and all ideas ...

About the Authors

Sheldon Bowles is the co-author of four books with Ken Blanchard, and the chairman of Precision Metalcraft, Inc. A resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, he is an international speaker. Richard Silvano and Susan Silvano created the "Kingdomality" concept, which stemmed from their work at their Houston outplacement company, Career Management International.

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