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Last Minute Speeches and Toasts

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Last Minute Speeches and Toasts

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Business books are often informative, but rarely entertaining. Lucky for all of us, Andrew Frothingham’s latest book on public speaking manages to integrate both objectives into one clear, concise and funny book. He splits the book into two parts: "About Speaking" and "Gems You Can Use." The first part presents the author’s wisdom on effective speech making. He cites rules, pointers and strategies to build your toolkit for designing and delivering great speeches. The second part of the book is composed of well-known quotes grouped into logical speech topic areas such as education, ethics and marriage. Taken together, the two parts of this book form an educational and enjoyable read. Virtually any speaker will find valuable tips and useful quotes for a future presentation. recommends this book to anyone who ever has to give a speech (at the last minute, or not) or to anyone who just likes enlightening tips and quotes.


On Speaking Well

Consider these possible scenarios: you are scheduled to speak to a group with plenty of notice, you are asked to fill in for another speaker at the last minute or you are asked to say a few words right now with no advance warning. These possibilities may give you reason to panic, but that’s the last thing you should do. Rather, now is the time to use five secrets that will help you form the right perspective to give the best speech of your life. They are:

  1. Being asked to speak at the last minute is a golden opportunity - This is a no-lose situation. Expectations are lower and the people you are helping out are grateful.
  2. Being asked to speak at the last minute has become the norm - Everyone today is so busy that being asked to speak at the last minute is becoming common.
  3. It is permissible for a speaker to stray from the topic - Once you have acknowledged the assigned topic you can move on to another topic that you care more about.
  4. It is permissible for a speaker to use imperfect grammar - Writing and speaking are different. When you speak, you need to sound like you are talking, so...

About the Author

Andrew Frothingham has a wealth of experience in helping people find the perfect words for every occasion. He has written for companies from A&E Network to IBM, from Seiko to Winstar. He has also co-written books for speakers including Creative Excuses, And I Quote and Crisp Toasts.

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