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Lead Generation for the Complex Sale book summary

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The old way of selling no longer works, particularly in business-to-business (B2B) sales. Information is readily available online for anyone interested in a product or service, making the salesperson almost obsolete - at least in the early stages of a customer's quest. That's why building relationships with prospects and nurturing qualified leads are more important in today's world of complex sales than cold calling or making pitches. Lead generation consultant Brian J. Carroll advocates having your marketing department manage a well-designed program to feed the sales pipeline. He covers the fundamentals of creating a lead generation strategy that emphasizes quality over quantity, from fashioning an ideal customer profile to using a variety of communication tactics to convey your message to potential customers. He also discusses how to nurture leads until they are sales-ready. getAbstract recommends this tactical update to anyone in B2B sales or to those who are pursuing a progressive lead generation strategy.

About the Author

Brian J. Carroll is the CEO of a B2B sales consultancy. He is a frequent public speaker.


The Why and Where of Lead Generation

Working the phones or slogging through cold-call prospecting are no longer the best ways to make a sale. Traveling salesmen's techniques simply won't work for the complex sale in today's world of business-to-business (B2B) selling. That's why you need a thoroughly researched lead generation program, managed to produce high profits.

Selling complex products and services is harder than ever because:

  • Margins are shrinking.
  • Salespeople lack training, expertise and time to nurture relationships.
  • Customers have many more choices.
  • The sales cycle has become longer.
  • Many complex purchasing decisions require a consensus at the customer's company.
  • Decision makers hide behind more bureaucratic layers.
  • Face-to-face meetings are no longer necessary early in the process because customers find information readily on the Internet.

The Marketing and Sales Partnership

Ultimately, your marketing department should strive to supply your sales department with high-quality leads that salespeople can convert into valuable relationships, resulting in increased revenue...

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