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A great conductor inspires and empowers the orchestra’s musicians to perform magnificently in concert. The metaphor for business leadership is clear. In this marvelous talk, charismatic conductor and leadership expert Itay Talgam compares and contrasts five maestros’ leadership styles, which range from strict micromanagement to laissez-faire management. getAbstract recommends Talgam’s engaging, amusing presentation to all leaders – even those with no musical inclination – who strive to elicit effective, harmonious performances from their teams.


An orchestra tunes up on stage. The conductor approaches the podium, makes a small gesture and the orchestra begins to play, filling the hall with exquisite sound. Is the superb music a result of the conductor’s leadership? The members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra barely look at conductor Carlos Kleiber as they play. Kleiber’s face and body language project a happiness that comes from telling a story. He and the orchestra convey not only the story of the composer, musicians and audience but of the people behind the scenes, including those who made the instruments and built the concert hall. Kleiber doesn’t lead by telling the musicians what...

About the Speaker

Itay Talgam is a conductor and leadership expert, as well as the author of The Ignorant Maestro.

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