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Domino book summary
Trigger a domino effect of positive management results by using “decisive,” not “additive,” change.


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Change expert Nick Tasler proposes an alternative to the “change by addition” strategy that bogs many organizations down. His “decisive” scientific method advocates codifying clear “sprint” priorities and creating a deprioritized “wait list.” His “ADAPT” framework allows you and your team to focus on new priorities. By signaling your unambiguous intent, and putting selected items on hold, you clear the way and streamline the workload. Through engaging stories and quirky analogies, Tasler promotes pragmatic leadership agility and openness to opportunity. getAbstract recommends his process to leaders navigating the shoals of modern organizational management.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How “change by addition” and “change by decision” differ, and
  • How to use the “ADAPT” – “anticipate, decide, align, permit” and “test” – framework to lead meaningful change.


“Change by Decision”
Constant new initiatives and priorities distract organizations from the lone radical change initiative that could decide their future direction and success. Leaders implementing necessary changes find that adding a new initiative just complicates matters. Piling on...
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About the Author

Change expert and speaker Nick Tasler heads the Decision Pulse consultancy. His books include Why Quitters Win: Decide to Be Excellent and The Impulse Factor.

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