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Drive Business Performance book summary
Data, analytics, planning, oh my! Here’s how to make them work for you.


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Microsoft strategists Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts want to help readers straddle the “technical” and the “theoretical.” To that end, they’ve created a practical, useful tool to help companies deliver dependable data, analytical rigor and sound planning. Aziza and Fitts emphasize that your company can’t win unless you empower your workforce to be fully in control of its own data – the data employees need to make independent choices and advance your organization’s overall goals. While the authors’ passion and knowledge shine through, their text might have benefited from some closer editing. It can be lucent, but it also can be heavy reading at times. Because Aziza and Fitts wrote for those who live with data daily, getAbstract recommends their insights to executives, managers, analysts and IT pros.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to empower employees by providing them with access to data;
  • How to use data to foster performance management, strategizing and execution; and
  • How to “monitor” your organization’s position, “analyze” the reasons for its status and “plan” its future direction.


“Performance Management”
Performance management begins by properly combining data and decision making to improve your organization. Finding the right combination requires discipline and strategic thinking. But having a great strategy isn’t enough. To excel, you have to execute.
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About the Authors

Bruno Aziza is the worldwide managing director of analytics and business platform marketing of Microsoft Business Intelligence. Joey Fitts is a performance management consultant. He works on Microsoft’s Information Worker Strategy.

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