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People with unbridled egos see themselves as the suns in their individual universes, and believe that all important activity and thought revolve around them. “We would rather speak ill of ourselves than not talk of ourselves at all,” observed the worldly wise French nobleman François de La Rochefoucauld 300 years ago. His aphorism is still relevant. In business as in life, unchecked ego sabotages the achievement of important goals. Employees resent and oppose narcissistic executives, regardless of the value of their ideas or the quality of their leadership. However, the brutally competitive business world can also swallow timid, self-effacing souls alive. The best leaders have neither too much nor too little ego. David Marcum and Steven Smith explain how to find the right balance. They offer distressing examples of ego run amok while also providing practical demonstrations of how a healthy dose of ego can be your best ally. getAbstract recommends this book to managers who wonder why the rest of the world has so far failed to recognize their greatness, to high achievers who think they may need a reality check and to human-resource professionals, who often have to clean up the messes that egotistical executives leave behind them.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why either too much or too little ego can impair business success;
  • Which four “early warning signs” point to a personality ruled by ego; and
  • How you can use humility, curiosity and honesty to eliminate destructive ego problems.

About the Authors

David Marcum and Steven Smith are business partners in a company that consults on psychology issues with organizations in healthcare, high tech, finance, utilities, government and media.



The Dangers of Unchecked Egotism
Successful businesses depend on people who can think clearly and unemotionally when making decisions. Narcissistic managers who focus only on their personal needs and desires often create serious problems, up to and including unmitigated, full-scale disasters...

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