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How Does Your Leadership Team Rate? summary
Senior-level executives require a unique style of performance evaluation.


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Dave Girouard, CEO of the personal finance start-up Upstart, provides a clear explanation of why senior leaders require a different kind of performance evaluation from other employees. The six criteria he suggests sound almost too simple and subjective, based as they are on the CEO’s sense of trust and confidence in each individual leader. Girouard seems to imply that, when judging those at the highest level of a company, gut feelings are more important than metrics. getAbstract recommends this thought-provoking article to senior executives and those involved in evaluating their performance.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What performance feedback method Upstart uses for the majority of its staff, and
  • Why the CEO should evaluate senior executives differently, and
  • What six criteria Upstart uses to evaluate its highest-ranking leaders.


Most major companies agree on the importance of evaluating staff rigorously, frequently and in measurable ways. The start-up Upstart uses a system similar to Google’s “perf” method. The Upstart manager takes the employee’s self-evaluation, along with comments from three to five peers the employee nominates...
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About the Author

Dave Girouard is the CEO of personal finance start-up Upstart, and former president of Google Enterprise Apps.

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