Summary of How Frontline Leaders Can Deliver Breakout Performance

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How Frontline Leaders Can Deliver Breakout Performance summary
To be effective, frontline managers need real-world solutions – not more leadership seminars.


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Weak leadership on the front lines can be detrimental to organizations. Yet companies often drop their newly promoted frontline managers into the deep end of the pool. That way, firms set up their best people for failure and frustration whereas adequate training on the job could help them and their teams improve overall company performance. Talent and leadership experts from global management consultancy Boston Consulting Group have designed a three-step leadership development program that focuses on practical changes in a manager’s work routine. getAbstract suggests taking at least a few of their suggestions on board the next time you promote someone into a leadership position.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why effective frontline leaders are crucial to an organization’s success,
  • How you can devise a leadership development plan that helps newly promoted employees manage their teams and
  • ) How you can implement best leadership practices with lasting effect.


Employees who excel are often promoted into leadership roles. However, many companies fail to provide these new managers with the necessary practical skills to succeed in their new roles – even though frontline managers watch over most of the workforce and are responsible for an organization’s day-to...
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About the Authors

Vikram Bhalla, Deborah Lovich, Jean-Michel Caye, Christopher Daniel and Liza Stutts are talent and leadership experts at the global consultancy Boston Consulting Group.

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