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How to Manage Conflict book summary
Conflict between workers can be a positive sign: It shows they care.


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To learn how to cure conflicts or head them off before they become major conflagrations, spend a little time with author Peg Pickering. Her brief but compelling guide to conflict resolution is a must read for every employee from the mailroom gang to the CEO. She offers practical, usable methods for understanding, diffusing and resolving conflicts ranging from minor annoyances to major blow-outs. Strongly and honestly written, the book is devoid of fluff and goes right to the point without pages and pages of psychobabble. recommends this book to everyone who has to deal with anyone else.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the different types of conflict are;
  • How conflict can be an opportunity instead of a danger if you deal with it early; and
  • What you can do to maintain positive relationships, develop key skills and manage conflict.


Fundamentals of Conflict
Resolving conflict is never easy. But, since that skill can make or break both your personal and professional life, learning how to deal with confrontational situations and people is a necessary skill. Managing conflict requires these five key skills:
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About the Author

Peg Pickering is also the author of Prioritize Organize: The Art of Getting It Done.

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