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How to Transform Strategic Initiatives into Blockbuster Results

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Implementation book summary
The best strategy is useless unless it is implemented. Find out how to put your ideas into action.


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Many executives can envision how their companies can reach higher goals, but they fail to implement their ideas. Why? It’s not bad vision; it’s bad execution. Accomplishing projects is challenging in companies of any size, so Alan Brache and Sam Bodley-Scott provide a blueprint for getting your initiatives implemented. They move through various strategies and tactics using charts, checklists and case histories. This somewhat dry manual is specifically for executives and managers who want to implement solutions for failing or failed corporate initiatives, and who seek good advice. getAbstract endorses it as a handy reference for managers and executives who have grand visions, but need good execution to achieve them.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to structure a successful project initiative process;
  • Why many initiatives fail; and
  • How to build an “Optimal Project Portfolio.”


Getting Results
A business needs more than a good strategy: It needs to implement that strategy. Inevitably, some good strategies fail and some bad strategies get implemented. One study found that 70% of executives who fail in their jobs do so because they also fail to execute their strategies...
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About the Authors

Consultant Alan P. Brache is executive director of business solutions at a consultancy where Sam Bodley-Scott is vice president. Brache is also the author of Improving Performance and How Organizations Work. Bodley-Scott helps international organizations implement change.

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