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The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success

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Insanely Simple book summary
Apple’s ad agency creative director offers a backstage view of its principles. See where simplicity rules.


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Ken Segall worked with the late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs for years as the ad agency creative director for Apple and for NeXT, the computer company Jobs founded after Apple ousted him. Segall provides a manifesto about Apple’s “simple” approach to design and its battle against “complex.” While Segall makes a strong case for these ideas, his presentation would be more useful if it, too, were a bit more simple and a bit less wordy. He does present superb, workable ideas and tactics for those who wish to streamline their processes and leverage the principles that have driven Apple’s success. Segall shows abiding love and respect for Jobs and offers fascinating, illuminating tales about Jobs in action, peppering his wide-ranging reminiscences with useful gems of advice. getAbstract recommends this compelling mélange of design ideas and captivating tales to entrepreneurs, executives, managers, designers and people who are trying to do their best work even under trying circumstances.

In this book, you will learn

  • Why “simple” always trumps “complex,”
  • How the late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs manifested his belief in “Simplicity,” and
  • How to apply the principles of simplicity to your life and work.

About the Author

Ken Segall was the ad agency creative director for NeXT and Apple, as well as for IBM, Intel, Dell and BMW. Formerly a member of Apple’s “Think different” ad creative team, he now writes about technology at He’s responsible for that little i on Apple products.