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Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company

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Kiss Theory Good Bye book summary
Five fundamentals form your firm's future: leadership, sales, operations, finances and customer loyalty. Master all five.


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Bob Prosen dispenses with management theories and nostrums, and focuses closely on the practical facts of business life. In a blunt, concise style, he addresses five subject areas: leadership, sales, operations, finance and customers. Most of what he says has been said before, however, he provides a solid and straightforward handbook to remind managers of what is essential and what is not. Each chapter provides a list of action steps and a summary of "very important lessons" that getAbstract thinks busy business readers will find convenient and helpful.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to achieve the five fundamental qualities of outstanding companies: great leadership, good sales, smooth operations, loyal customers and profitable finances;
  • How to shun five bad business habits; and
  • How to execute your plans and measure your results.


Keep Your Eye on the Goal
Most managers don't know their three most important objectives or how they will attain them. As a leader, state your objectives plainly, quantify them and keep them in mind all the time. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing how your organization is doing. The...
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About the Author

Bob Prosen is president and CEO of a business development center. He has served as senior vice president, vice president and managing partner at three major corporations.

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