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In this bestseller, Simon Sinek “challenges assumptions” about how and why people seek and accept inspiration from significant leaders and organizations. In researching it, Sinek spoke to representatives of the Congress, officers at the “highest levels of the US military” and many corporate leaders. His exploration of leadership commences with the Afghanistan war, pivots to Paleolithic times, and moves through ancient Greece, World War II and the 2008 financial crisis. Sinek calls on examples from history to demonstrate how the most thoughtful, charismatic and successful leaders inspire trust by prioritizing the interests of other people above their own. He draws many examples from the military, which he served as a leadership consultant and where high-trust culture is a matter of life and death. getAbstract recommends Sinek’s discussion of leadership, including the way worthy leaders put their own comfort aside for the safety and survival of others.

About the Author

Start with Why, Simon Sinek’s other bestseller, shares the title of his TED Talk, the second most popular video on He is also the author of Together Is Better and, with David Mead, the co-author of Find Your Why.


In Ancient Greece

Sparta was a “warrior society.” A relatively small city-state, it had a similarly small army that inspired dread and admiration out of proportion to its size among its allies and enemies alike due to its soldiers’ power, bravery and fortitude. Sinek details why ancient Spartans reserved their toughest punishments for soldiers who laid down their shields or lost them: one soldier surrendering his shield put an entire line of fighters at risk. Losing a sword or helmet generated no disgrace; that was battlefield happenstance and put only the soldier who lost his belongings in jeopardy. Losing a shield threatened everyone. The army stripped a solider who lost his shield of his most precious asset: his Spartan citizenship. Sinek makes a further point that an organization is only as strong as the trust its workers hold for one another.

When people feel threatened within their group – and when group leaders look out only for their own interests – distrust and dysfunction thrive. A leader’s most important role is to make sure all members of a group “pull together.” Their sacrifices drive this effort.

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    Frankie Jones 6 months ago
    I found this review to include too much opinion rather than focusing on the purpose of this website. Specifically the hierarchy piece.

    Good book, definitely a worthy read for those reflecting on culture and it's impacts on results.
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    Mark Crews 1 year ago
    I'm currently reading this book
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      Sibel Rodriguez 1 year ago
      What do you think of it? Is it good?

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