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Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization

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Learn or Die book summary
High performance learning organizations have the right people, the right environment and the right processes.


8 Overall

9 Applicability

7 Innovation

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Professor Edward D. Hess offers a clear, methodical synthesis of current research. If you are familiar with the fields of learning and thinking, or with learning organizations, you’ll recognize much of this intelligently compiled content. However, you’ll still learn from reading Hess’s clear, methodical overview, which works as a manual for applying today’s research to yourself and your firm. While focusing on core concepts and tools, Hess also offers usefully honest accounts of his personal experiences and the transformations people go through to become better learners. His case studies are fascinating. getAbstract recommends Hess’s work to teachers, managers, innovators and anyone interested in learning organizations.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why learning matters,
  • What methods you can use to learn better, and
  • What characterizes learning organizations and how you can establish one.


Creating a “High-Performance Learning Organization”
Excellence and innovation require constant learning as an individual and as part of a learning organization. Peter M. Senge’s The Fifth Discipline popularized learning organizations in 1990. Since then, “the science of learning...
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About the Author

Edward D. Hess, the Batten executive-in-residence at the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business, also wrote Smart Growth and 10 other books.

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    Warren Herrero 2 years ago
    great book and worth sharing to my leaders... Its good to pause and be rational over our erratic or critical decisions...
  • Avatar
    PRAMOD SETHI 2 years ago
    How very apprporate to a learning organization. The title is so relevant!!
  • Avatar
    Rickey Brown 2 years ago
  • Avatar
    Pravin Raje 2 years ago
  • Avatar
    Alphonse Kisko 2 years ago
  • Avatar
    Nikki Moyandana 2 years ago
    This is a very good book
  • Avatar
    HARVISON MALDONADO 2 years ago
    Wish the audio would be equal to the text, its only small changes with no modification in the over all meaning, but its upsetting tho.
  • Avatar
    Moon Schönbächler 2 years ago

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