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Those difficult 20-somethings in your workforce address the CEO by first name, talk out of turn in meetings, and show up late but gladly pull all-nighters. They bristle at your suggestions but thrive on complex challenges. They’re special – that’s what their parents and teachers always told them. They’re the Millennials, complex, multitasking, technologically savvy, exasperating, bright but entitled new employees entering the workforce by the millions. Consultants and professors Chip Espinoza, Mick Ukleja and Craig Rusch offer tactics and strategies for managers confused by this unpredictable generation. Though the authors don’t mind painting this or any other generations with a very broad brush, they still present much useful advice. getAbstract suggests throwing out the rule book and adopting the authors’ nine strategies for getting the most out of your youngest workers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Millennials differ from earlier generations,
  • Which differences create tension at work and
  • What nine best practices you can use to manage Millennials.

About the Authors

Chip Espinoza teaches leadership seminars and heads GeNext Consulting. Mick Ukleja is founder and president of LeadershipTraQ. Craig Rusch teaches anthropology at Vanguard University in California.



Generation Traits and Gaps
Millennials form the “most educated and technologically savvy generation ever.” Their parents sheltered them and gave their lives structure. The US workforce now includes 31 million Millennials, and that number will increase steadily in the next five years. When...

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    Jimmy Hanselman 3 years ago
    Great summary with some very good insight to how to lead a team of millennials! Get on board quickly or get run over.
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    Williams Gail J 3 years ago
    This book opens your eyes to the differences in personality and work ethics or the different generations. There is definitely a difference in management styles for the different generations. The Millennial do not need as much direction as the baby boomers. However, they are not as social in the team environments.
  • Avatar
    Johnson Patrick N 3 years ago
    I realize that this is a summary of a generalization about millennials, but I feel it is saying that millennials are people we hire to be our children at work. Fortunately, the millennials I work with exhibit the positive attributes expressed in the summary and not the negatives. It's interesting that in one of the other summaries for this month, Managing the Older Employee, Gen Xers are described in much the same way as millennials are in this summary. The other book was written in 2006 and this one in 2010. Interesting how focus has moved from one generation to the next in just a few years, but the views are similar.
  • Avatar
    Singer Cynthia K 3 years ago
    Melding multiple generations in one workforce is challenging on it's best day but can create barriers if not handled correctly. If this book could offer a guide to reining in the newest generation while helping older generations foster their enthusiasm it could be a win-win for all concerned.
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    Weber Bonnie C 3 years ago
    This book is very general for a population of millennials. I am a millennial and have a strong work ethic and want to understand how I can grow. This book is not true for most millennials I know.
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    Mark Walmsley 3 years ago
    Hi. This document won't print on A4 paper. I'm having to try advanced settings and reset paper size etc to no avail. Can you make an A4 version for non-US subscribers? The 'letter' page size format causes massive dramas for us to print. Mark
    • Avatar
      Renee DeChirico 3 years ago
      Hello Mark,
      Thank you for your comment. We apologize for the issue you are experiencing with printing on A4 paper. Please be advised, I have emailed you over the how to instructions for fixing this issue to your email address we have on file.
      Please let me know if I can further assist you.
      Your getAbstract Team
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    Aubrey Parrott 7 years ago
    They are coming!

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