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The Micromanagement Survival Guide

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My Way or the Highway book summary
Micromanagers ruin productivity, drive their direct reports crazy and make the office a dismal hellhole. Are you one?


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No one likes micromanagers. They are petty dictators. They constantly interfere with their employees. They waste everyone’s time. They hurt morale. They reduce productivity. They make staffers’ lives hellish. The problem is, micromanagers exist in almost every office. Nearly eight out of 10 employees report that they work for micromanagers or have in the past. Despite its near universal prevalence, few executives, managers or supervisors acknowledge micromanagement as a personal failing. Harry E. Chambers discusses why micromanagement occurs. He teaches you how to deal with a micromanager – whether you work for that person, or he or she works for you. And he explains how to eliminate your own micromanagement tendencies. getAbstract applauds Chambers for his thoughtful treatise on a common – and odious – problem. Particularly note his recommended tactics for dealing with a micromanager’s outbursts proactively before they occur. It’s like making sure dynamite doesn’t explode by never connecting the fuse.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What micromanagement is;
  • Why it occurs;
  • How to deal with a micromanager;
  • How to correct your own micromanagement traits; and
  • How to manage a micromanager.


Looking at Micromanagement
Micromanagement is a negative activity that extends far beyond the standard workplace disagreements and misunderstandings between employees and their supervisors. Micromanagers attempt to minutely – and quite negatively – control the activities of their direct...
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About the Author

Harry E. Chambers is an author of books on business and management topics, including The Bad Attitude Survival Guide. He is president of a consulting and training company in Atlanta.

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