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Profit from the Positive book summary
Optimism is infectious, so spread some around your company.


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Executive coaches Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin describe direct actions leaders can take to boost their employees’ performance, commitment and productivity. The book offers at least 30 tools managers can implement quickly at little or no cost, including advice on how to improve meetings and revamp your performance-review process. The authors offer common sense and simple, yet powerful, ideas based on small changes that can make a profound difference. getAbstract recommends this easy and engaging book to leaders who seek practical, inexpensive ways to improve their results dramatically.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to apply positive psychology at work; and
  • How to benefit from positivity and think differently about your moods, outlooks and perspectives.


“Positive Psychology”
Positive psychology is not a New Age, feel-good philosophy. Instead, it is a practical, easily applied business approach you can use to spur higher performance and greater results in your organization by emphasizing the positive – especially in leadership and team...
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About the Authors

Margaret Greenberg is a coach, consultant and former HR executive. Psychologist Senia Maymin is a coach, entrepreneur and former finance executive.

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    Sander Kevin L 2 years ago
    Really a great piece on creating a positive everything. It goes to the strengths of many people which in result will also strengthen mindset and productivity of those you surround yourself with. Simple information, but so to the point.
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    Anderson Sarah R 2 years ago
    I agree that matching the job to strengths is great. Sometimes though, you have to look for an "almost strength " so you can help your staff grow. I love the recommendation to avoid just hiring for skills. It's way easier to teach a technical skill than to teach caring, optimism and nice! It is great when I can hire a previous student who interned with us as you know so much more about the person than the interview shows.
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    Golden Helen 2 years ago
    I really liked the idea of looking at each empoyee and matching the job to their stengths. Be positive each morning so that it spreads throughout the day to others. ANd have a task not yet complete so you can finish the next morning to get a jump start of accomplishing a task for the day.

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