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Risk in the C-Suite summary
Businesses today need don’t just need to go back to school; they must become the school.


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Digitization, Brexit, artificial intelligence, shifting trade agreements and a generation that may never retire – the world is changing rapidly, and for businesses to survive (and thrive) they’ll have to change along with it. Based on the results of more than 100,000 interviews and surveys, Towards Maturity founder Laura Overton and People-Star founder Jane Daly urge companies to become “learning organizations.” They sift through myriad risks that companies face and explain how a learning ecosystem will help companies move forward in this ever-changing, digital business world. getAbstract recommends their analysis to executive-level business leaders.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why companies must become “learning organizations” to succeed in today’s business world,
  • What risks threaten businesses, and
  • How companies can change to mitigate risks and maximize earning potential.


Systems scientist Peter Senge first coined the phrase “learning organization” in his 1990 book, The Fifth Discipline. He described it as “a group of people working together collectively to enhance their capacities to create results they really care about.” Since 2003, the annual Towards...
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About the Authors

Laura Overton is the founder and CEO of Towards Maturity and the author of Linking Learning to Business. Jane Daly is the chief people officer at People-Star and strategic analyst at Towards Maturity.

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