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Successful Project Sponsorship book summary
Project-management expert Michiel van der Molen explains why the project sponsor owns the project – and takes the credit or the blame.


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The world’s most successful projects include the International Space Station, the Porsche 911 and Apple’s iPod. They succeeded due to superior project management, which required superior project sponsorship. Project-management expert Michiel van der Molen explains the nature of project sponsorship, compares it with project management, and explains why the project sponsor owns the project – and gets the credit or blame. getAbstract recommends this semitechnical, highly detailed, comprehensive and professional primer as an excellent resource for anyone involved in project planning, management or sponsorship.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Where accountability lies for a project’s success or failure;
  • What the project sponsor’s and project manager’s responsibilities entail;
  • How to apply four principles of successful project sponsorship;
  • How to deal with project cost overruns, project risks and changes; and
  • How to improve your project-sponsorship processes.


Where Responsibility Lies
By definition, projects are temporary undertakings that create something unique – the “project objective.” The project sponsor bears ultimate responsibility for the project’s failure or success – defined as attaining the business case that outlines the project...
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About the Author

Michiel van der Molen is co-founder of Molen & Molen, a change- and collaboration-management consultancy.

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