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The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

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The Best Place to Work book summary
Build an engaged workforce by understanding what motivates people.


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To build a cohesive, productive workforce, companies everywhere chase the elusive goal of employee engagement. Psychologist Ron Friedman has a direct solution: to engage your employees, apply what science teaches about human motivation. Artfully weaving scientific findings with real-world examples, Friedman shows how great workplaces attend to employees’ deep-seated need to feel autonomous, competent and connected. These companies recognize the limits of the mind and body, and set aside space for creativity and time for recreation. Some readers may object when Friedman compares happy workplaces to casinos, and others may question the tastefulness of drawing business insights from a school hostage situation, but Friedman wields his metaphors to argue convincingly that it takes more than money and job titles to motivate employees. getAbstract recommends his insightful, practical advice on building a better, more productive, more profitable workplace to executives and HR professionals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why happier workers mean higher profits,
  • Why rewarding failure makes good sense and
  • How to boost employee motivation.


Happier Workers
Not far from San Francisco, the Indian restaurant Baadal serves world-class food without charging a dime. It’s among 30 excellent restaurants that cater to employees at the sprawling Silicon Valley headquarters of Google. Employees of the Internet giant also have access...
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About the Author

Ron Friedman is an award-winning psychologist who writes for the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur and CNN. He is also the founder of ignite80, a consulting firm that helps smart leaders build thriving workplaces.

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    It's another way to reinforce the GIFTWORK concept. If your employees are recognized in aspects like their children's birthday or work's aniversary, maybe They are more weeling
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    Brian Swaney 2 years ago
    Psychologist Ron Friedman gives practical actionable insights that foster employee engagement and productivity which increases loyalty and retention!

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