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Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders

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The Extraordinary Leader book summary
Develop leaders one person at a time, one competency at a time, over a long period of time.


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In this volume, two battle-scarred veterans of what might be called "The Leadership Wars" - that is, the exhaustive effort over several decades to define the elusive nature of leadership and how it can best be nurtured - present insights on leadership that are based on a series of formal surveys conducted with companies nationwide. They also present 16 core competencies that affect the perception of whether you are, or aren’t, a great leader. In many ways, they demystify leadership. Being a great leader, they tell us, isn’t a matter of genetics or tea leaves: by studying what it takes to be a great leader, you can become one yourself. getAbstract strongly recommends this book for followers who want to become leaders, and for leaders who would like to be a little less lonely at the top.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Insights on leadership from companies across the U.S.; and
  • The sixteen core competencies of great leadership.


Why do you need another book on leadership, when so many have already been written? By one estimate, more than 10,000 formal papers have been presented on the subject. Warren Bennis has observed that the more that is written on leadership, the less it is understood.

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About the Authors

John H. Zenger is the vice chairman of a large performance skills improvement company, Provant, Inc. Considered an authoritative figures in the performance and leadership field, he has written or co-authored six books. Joseph Folkman, Ph.D., is the author of three books including Making Feedback Work. He is managing director of Novations Group, Inc., a Provant company.

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