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If you think passion is just the stuff of soap operas, think again. It’s the fuel of business innovation.


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When business strategy consultant John Hagel speaks about passion in the workplace, he’s not referring to tawdry office love affairs. Rather, he’s talking about the driving force behind “sustained extreme performance improvement.” Passion fuels people’s desire to master and even advance their fields, says Hagel. Moreover, passion works as a connector and is the basis for long-lasting, meaningful relationships. If you’re wondering how to motivate disengaged workers, getAbstract believes Hagel may be able to help.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What role passion plays in the workplace,
  • What two kinds of workplace passion are necessary for top performance and
  • How passion contributes to healthy collegial relationships.


As a little boy living in Caracas, John Hagel discovered that he could play hooky by forging his mother’s signature on dismissal slips. He spent the stolen hours in the slums of the city, energized by the pulse of “potential and possibility.” This experience influenced his later work, leading Hagel ...
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About the Speaker

John Hagel is an author, speaker and consultant who co-founded the Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation.

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