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The Skilled Facilitator book summary
Learn how to run meetings more effectively and efficiently by following formal processes.


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Organizational psychologist Roger Schwarz understands people. He knows how they think, why they act as they do and how to encourage them to engage more productively as a group. He uses these insights to direct you through a series of meaningful, detailed steps you can utilize to run more effective and productive meetings. Schwarz illustrates these steps with numerous charts and highlights most lessons with a generous number of realistic dialogues. To help you become a better facilitator, he explains how to establish meeting ground rules and handle challenging participants. He also shares tips on how to set up the room, how to start and conclude each meeting, and how to engage participants in evaluating a meeting. Most important, he encourages you to look honestly at your thoughts and actions to improve your facilitation techniques. The book is sometimes repetitive and perhaps overly rich in psychological jargon, but getAbstract finds that it contains valuable wisdom that will help any facilitator become more effective.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to facilitate more productive meetings,
  • How to lead a group of people in finding and testing solutions to problems, and
  • How to handle difficult situations.


Why Facilitate?
Many companies use teams to deal with today’s complex working world. Each group needs a facilitator to help it work more effectively and efficiently. As a facilitator, you are adopting a leadership role. This role can take several forms.

In the “Facilitator...
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About the Author

Roger Schwarz is an organizational psychologist and the head of Roger Schwarz & Associates, which helps firms use facilitative skills to improve their business practices.

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    Dave Bartek 4 years ago
    Also see Michael Wilkinson, David Sibbet, Ingrid Bens and the International Assication of Facilitators.

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