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The 7 Ways to Make Tough Decisions Easier, Deliver the Numbers, and Grow the Business in Good Times and Bad

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Tough Management book summary
Today`s managers must be tough, but not too tough. Seven professional practices will make you just tough enough.


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Chuck Martin has written a straightforward book predominantly based upon data gathered by his company, NFI Research, in two years of research involving 2,000 managers and executives worldwide. The business world portrait he paints isn’t rosy: companies continually ask managers to do more with less. Most managers and executives work more than 50 hours a week, and the marketplace constantly heats up the pressure to perform better. Under such difficult circumstances, Martin advises managers to get tough by exercising a solid set of seven specific skills. Ironically the list ends with, "Don’t be a tough guy," meaning that stressed-out managers should strive for work-life balance. The book would be even stronger if it cited prior work on the pros and cons of being tough in the workplace. Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Y, and William Ouchi’s subsequent Theory Z are two classics that come to mind. finds that this book provides useful - albeit bleak - insights into contemporary corporate management, and recommends its sound advice to managers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How today’s workplace makes it necessary to be a tough manager;
  • Which seven practices can make you a tough manager; and
  • Why tough managers must keep things in perspective and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Stressed Management
Today’s managers and executives are under more pressure to produce than ever. In response, they need to be tough. To exercise "tough management," adopt these seven practices: "Communicate Clearly" Most senior executives assume they...
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About the Author

Chuck Martin is CEO of NFI Research, where he manages an international network research base of executives and managers. He is an author and business strategist.

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