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Where Good Ideas Come From summary
A new idea is not an instant illumination of a single lightbulb; it is the gradual brightening of a network of bulbs.


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“Eureka moments” are a myth, says author and entrepreneur Steven Johnson. Ideas don't happen in isolation. So how do bright ideas occur, and where? Johnson answers these questions in this energetic, unified lecture that finds its roots in crowded English coffeehouses and in the pages of Charles Darwin’s journals. getAbstract recommends this talk to anyone responsible for generating creativity and innovation or anyone interested in how the human mind works.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What popular misconceptions people believe about innovation,
  • How new ideas actually develop and
  • How to create a workspace that fosters creativity.


Why was the English coffeehouse crucial...
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About the Speaker

Steven Johnson founded the online magazine FEED and wrote Emergence and several other books.

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