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Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work summary
Office life is full of distractions: meetings, email messages, colleagues, and phone calls.


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Where do you go if you really want to get work done? If you are like most people, you probably work best “anywhere but the office.” If you must concentrate and focus on something, you need uninterrupted time. However, most individuals cannot get that at their workplace. Jason Fried, a web consultant, presents this problem in a way that will have many viewers nodding their heads in agreement. But are fewer meetings and less face-to-face interaction really the solutions? getAbstract recommends this presentation to people who have ever wondered why they cannot get anything done at work.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why most people are not productive in the office during working hours
  • What you can do about it


Companies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) build offices to enable their employees to
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About the Speaker

Jason Fried is a software entrepreneur. He co-founded 37signals, a Chicago-based software company that builds web-based productivity tools. He co-wrote Rework, which rethinks the idea of work.

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    Karishma Samtani 1 day ago
    #30DaysofSummaries I totally agree sometimes we have meetings in the calendar that aren't necessary per se. I like the idea of quiet Thursdays. I will implement something like that and see what the outcome is like.
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    A A 2 days ago
    I think there may be more to the 'Why' than the three speaker has illustrated in the talk.

    I also do not agree with the 'Guest' comment below; seems like a quote that is a reaction to the 'noise' being borne by the speaker and hence, is it really a measure of his 'mental capacity'? I believe that when you point a finger towards someone three point towards you.
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    Guest 3 years ago
    «I have long held the opinion that the amount of noise that anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity and may therefore be regarded as a pretty fair measure of it.»
    —Arthur Schopenhauer

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