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Leadership Lessons from SCUBA Diving

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Leadership Lessons from SCUBA Diving

Part #1 and Part #2


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Reflections on scuba diving provide wisdom for day-to-day and workplace interactions.

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Scuba divers enter the unknown each time they take a plunge. Buoyed by crew support and the esprit de corps of fellow divers, they surface and can’t wait to go down again. In this essay for Medium, the one-name freelance writer Missnatalier shares how her experiences as a scuba diver led her to fresh ideas for a more contemplative, aware and productive life.


Scuba diving parallels life.

Divers enter the dangerous unknown each time they make a dive. Hazards abound. For instance, they may experience “positive buoyancy,” meaning they rise to the surface too quickly. This lack of control is disorienting and can even endanger the diver.

In everyday life, people push themselves and others to “rise” up, to achieve. Divers must be honest about their struggles and the scary aspects of going under water and returning from the depths. Learn from divers and take time before you come to the surface – examine the constant upward pressure you feel to make sure it’s healthy for you.

Conversely, “negative buoyancy” can hold a diver down like a heavy weight. Sinking too swiftly can cause pain and added difficulties when you try to come up to the surface again, and it can have devastating results. Ask yourself whether you are trying to make decisions that weigh...

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Missnatalier has written several articles for Medium.

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