Leadership, Reinvented
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Leadership, Reinvented

How to Foster Empathy, Servitude, Diversity, and Innovation in the Workplace

Hamza KhanCallisto • 2021

Cope With Change Step by Step

by David Meyer

Hamza Khan, author of The Burnout Gamble, offers a comprehensive guide to developing your company and yourself to deal with constant change.

Prepare your organization for change and resilience now instead of waiting to react to the tumult of an uncertain future, advises Hamza Khan, managing director of Canada’s Student Life Network and author of The Burnout Gamble. 

Khan, an award-winning marketer, explains that today’s constantly changing change creates an unstable VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment. Amid this storm, he says, organizations must get ready for profound change. His wise instructions call for reinventing yourself and then reinventing your organization by restructuring operations and rebuilding your strategies in advance of trauma.

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