Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

Developing Collective Transformational Leadership

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Sports coaching skills transfer well to coaching organizational leadership teams. Peter Hawkins – a coach with experience in industry, education and government – deftly explains who leadership team coaches are, what they do, and what tools and techniques they use. getAbstract recommends this hearty introduction to those who aspire to become or to work with a team coach; Hawkins can help your teams reach their goals on the field or in the boardroom.


Better Leadership Teams

In an increasingly complex business world, leadership teams must work together across departmental divides, professional disciplines and geographic borders. Managers who want to develop high-performing leadership teams must meet seven challenges:

  1. Balance the needs of various constituents – Leaders may feel that they have less control because they must answer the demands of more stakeholders.
  2. Handle tactical jobs and strategy – Leaders must work on business transformations while they manage day-to-day operations.
  3. Cope with channel conflict – Disagreement between two upper-level leaders can paralyze an organization, but a lack of productive conflict can be just as damaging.
  4. Wear multiple hats – All workers maintain membership in many groups, ranging from local to global. Leaders must take all these roles into account when managing a team.
  5. Develop perspective – Leaders must maintain a clear perspective despite the complexities of a highly connected business world.
  6. Manage virtual employees – The nature...

About the Author

Peter Hawkins, a professor of leadership at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading in the UK, is also the author of Creating a Coaching Culture.

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