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Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2023

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Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2023

Donald H. Taylor,

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The 2023 Global Sentiment Survey reveals a focus on reskilling/upskilling, data and ROI.

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For the past 10 years, the Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey has asked learning professionals worldwide about workplace L&D trends and challenges. The 2023 report, which is co-sponsored by getAbstract and therefore unrated, analyzes the feedback of nearly 4,000 L&D professionals from 100 countries on every continent. Learning expert Donald H. Taylor’s survey reveals that interest in data – including its relationship to new AI technologies – has risen sharply over past years. Reskilling and upskilling, though, remain the industry’s top priority. Additionally, L&D is focused on proving its value to business stakeholders. 


Reskilling and upskilling remain L&D’s top global priority for the third year in a row.

Roughly half of those surveyed reported they worked as in-house L&D professionals; other respondents identified themselves as L&D vendors, educators or freelancers. An aggregate 12% of these L&D professionals report that reskilling/upskilling remains their primary priority in 2023 – the third year in a row that this concern earned a majority of votes. 

Interest has declined about 0.5% as compared to the 2022 survey results, and varies based on locale: 17.9% of respondents from Malaysia identified reskilling/upskilling as a “hot” topic for 2023, for example, while only 10.9% of those from North America did so. As...

About the Author

Donald H. Taylor has chaired the London Learning Technologies Conference since 2000, and from 2010 to 2021 was the chair of the Learning and Performance Institute. He speaks extensively on the learning and development profession and is the author of Learning Technologies in the Workplace.

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