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Let's Go Into Business Together

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Let's Go Into Business Together

Eight Secrets to Successful Business Partnering

Career Press,

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When you say “I do” to a business partnership, it’s just like getting married — only with less sex and more money. Hopefully.

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If you’re thinking about entering into a partnership, you’re probably too close to your new venture to be able to see the pitfalls clearly - much like the early stages of a romance. The "partnership is like a marriage" theme may seem a trifle hackneyed, but when something is basically true it tends to get repeated. Azriela Jaffe’s straightforward, easy-to-read book includes checklists you can use to see if you’re really ready for partnership. You need objective advice to face the reality that you are entering a relationship that, no matter how exciting in the beginning, holds real potential for turning ugly later. This book will help you navigate territory that may be more hazardous than you think. recommends it to entrepreneurs who are considering a partnership, as well as to those wearing their current partners around their necks.


Going Platinum

The Platinum Rule will probably determine your success in any partnership. It says, communicate with your partner the way that he wishes to be communicated with, rather than insisting the conversation go your way. Sound easy? Well, if you try putting it into practice consistently, you may find that this rule is nearly as challenging as living up to the golden one.

Partnering Mutations

Partnering isn’t what it used to be. In the past most partnerships (outside of family partnerships) involved friends or associates of about the same age. The tech revolution has changed all that. Today, a 50-year-old mortgage banker is likely to find himself teamed with a 25-year-old whiz kid - and the whiz kid may wear the pants in the family! Similarly, it used to be unusual for a man and woman who did not share a personal relationship to enter into a business partnership. Of course, such thinking is passé. There has been a paradigm shift in partnering. Perhaps the best metaphor for the modern business partnership is marriage.

Till Death Do Us Part?

If you want to know how partnership works, pick up a couple of trendy books on marriage counseling...

About the Author

Azriela Jaffe is the author of eight books. Her consulting firm, Anchored Dreams, and her syndicated column, "Advice from A-Z," both help business professionals cope with balancing their business and personal lives. An expert on entrepreneurial couples, Jaffe also speaks professionally and has appeared on more than 200 radio and television programs. Her earlier books include Honey, I want to Start My Own Business: A Planning Guide for Couples and Two Jews Can Still Be a Mixed Marriage.

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