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Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless summary

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Faced with modern “wellness” ideologies which imply that all life’s problems can be solved with a better exercise routine or change in mind-set, it’s little wonder that many on the progressive left reject the notion of self-care altogether. But, as author and editor Laurie Penny persuasively argues in this article, rejecting self-care entirely, in favor of “despair” and unhealthy habits, won’t solve social problems either. Society needs a new view on self-care – one which recognizes its value, as well as its potential for coercion. getAbstract recommends Penny’s perspective to political progressives.

About the Author

Laurie Penny is a contributing editor at the New Statesman. She is the author of five books, most recently, Unspeakable Things.


The idea that you can exercise or diet your way to a better life may sound attractive, but, ultimately, these and similar “self-care” ideologies simply encourage a critical view of yourself – rather than addressing the socioeconomic issues so many people face today.

Corporations, as well as many on the political right, use modern ideologies of “wellness” and self-care as a way of masking real problems – much as the British Conservative Party did when it encouraged those  rendered unemployed by the recession...

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