Life Is in the Transitions
A review of

Life Is in the Transitions

Mastering Change at Any Age


by David Meyer

Best-selling author Bruce Feiler offers sound, compassionate strategies for dealing with lifequakes: powerful events that reshape your identity and your world.

The stories you believe about yourself determine the quality of your life, says New York Times best-selling author Bruce Feiler. Many people struggle to find meaning and purpose when disruptive events, such as a divorce or health crisis, unexpectedly throw their lives off course. Feiler explains how you can make the most of these difficult transitional periods. He argues that they are potent times for exploration, healing and reflection. Cast yourself as a hero, a caretaker or a warrior in your new life story, Feiler urges, and recognize that only you can write it.

The Hero

Negative events or situations can disrupt your ideal version of your life story. Italians call these moments the lupus in fabula, or the “wolf in the fairy tale.” The narrative you tell yourself about your life shapes your sense of purpose or meaning.

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