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Life on Purpose

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Life on Purpose

How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything


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The power of purpose fuels a meaningful, gratifying life.

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University of Michigan professor Victor Strecher lost his daughter Julia to a rare heart disease when she was 19. In his grief, he turned to philosophy and science to create a new way of living. The answer, he discovered, is purpose – the fuel for a happier, healthier, more resilient and gratifying existence. Join Strecher on a journey of discovery to find your transcendent purpose and explore his recommended five positive behaviors to gain the energy, focus and determination purposeful living demands.


Facing death inspires philosophical questions such as, “What is a life worth living?”

 When Julia Strecher was six months old, she contracted chickenpox and the disease damaged her heart. Without a transplant, she would not live until her first birthday. Facing the potential death of a child forced Julia’s father Victor, mother Jeri and big sister Rachael, to ask confounding questions such as, “What is a life worth living?” Baby Julia received a new heart, and her family vowed to give her a life filled with joy, purpose and meaningful relationships. They would never take the promise of another day for granted, for Julia or for themselves.

Julia’s life was never easy, but she treasured her friends and family, participated in meaningful activities and embraced every experience. She chose to go into nursing, a giving profession, to model herself after the people who helped her throughout her life. In 2010, at the age of 19, she died of a heart attack. Her bereft family struggled to accept her passing.

The works of philosophers can provide comfort and advice during troubled times.

After Julia’s death, her father studied the philosophers Aristotle, Søren...

About the Author

Victor J. Strecher is a professor at the University of Michigan and founder of the UM Center for Health Communications Research. He has published dozens of articles, and he co-edited the book, Oncology.

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    I. Z. 2 years ago
    I am a bit surprise for the 5 strategies actually first time I read . I was expecting author will comment how we should socially connected more with each other and how we keep learning to improve our mind . Later when I rethink SPACE , our daily lives are all about that . We need to be mindful all the time . Good article to read