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Lift Your Impact

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Lift Your Impact

Transform Your Mindset, Influence, and Future to Elevate Your Work, Team, and Life


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Revamp your mind-set, expand your influence and build a better future with the Lift method.

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Award-winning writer and communications expert Richard Newman offers step-by-step guidance to improve your mind-set, influence and future. Informed by global training sessions with over 120,000 people, his “Lift” method helps you articulate the future you want and shows you how to get there. He offers easy-to-implement advice on how to expand your influence using effective messaging and delivery techniques, and provides practical tips to relieve stress and boost performance during high-stakes moments. If you put in the work, Newman promises, you’ll likely make tangible, rewarding progress toward your goals.


Clarify and reinforce your core values.

Core values – such as freedom, security or compassion – shape your personal identity and guide you toward meaningful goals. Reflect on them to provide a powerful source of internal validation and intrinsic motivation; they help you stay calm under pressure and push forward with your best work.

To define your core values, start with what you want and work backward to discover why you want it. For example, if you want to earn more money, is it because you want to support your family or travel the world? If the former, you may value security; if the latter, freedom. In either case, write down why that value matters to you and how it has shaped your life. Apply the same process to arrive at three core values. Then, use code words to turbocharge their impact. Code words anchor your mind in your core values. 

Create a compelling vision story.

After clarifying your core values, craft a vision story that engages your survival, emotional and logical mind. Start with what’s happening now. What makes you happy or sad...

About the Author

Richard Newman is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, coach and founder of Body Talk, a training company that offers evidence-based courses on the psychology of communication. 

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