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LinkedIn 2018 Emerging Jobs Report summary

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Annually, LinkedIn charts the current landscape of jobs and workplace skills in the United States based on its own data. The ranked lists of currently emerging jobs, jobs showing the largest sustained hiring growth and skills presenting the largest skill gaps help professionals in the US job market make career-path and educational decisions. The 2018 edition also includes a section on artificial intelligence and related skills.

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The LinkedIn Economic Graph Team analyzes data from user profiles and user activity to help people identify the skills they will need to work in the future economy. It works with governments and NGOs around the world.   


LinkedIn’s annual Emerging Jobs Report ranks the employment roles emerging in the United States and those that are seeing sustained growth. To compile the list, LinkedIn measures relative growth in jobs according to LinkedIn members’ profiles and employer demand. The top 15 emerging jobs in 2018 were blockchain developer (which saw 33-fold growth over 2017), machine learning engineer, application sales executive, machine learning specialist, professional medical representative, relationship consultant, ...

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