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LinkedIn for Personal Branding

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LinkedIn for Personal Branding

The Ultimate Guide

Sandra Long,

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Leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your personal brand and attract career opportunities.

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It may seem daunting to try to make yourself stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn, a social networking platform that receives more than 50 million profile views each day. But when you leverage your personal brand on LinkedIn effectively, says LinkedIn coach Sandra Long, you put yourself forward as a candidate for a huge array of new opportunities, including leadership posts, board openings, and speaking and teaching gigs. Her practical text teaches you how to bolster your credibility and visibility, as well as how to establish yourself as a compelling thought leader on LinkedIn.


Seize opportunities with a LinkedIn profile that reflects your authentic brand voice.

Digital first impressions matter. According to LinkedIn research, for 65% of people, making a good first impression online is just as important as making a good impression in person. Thus, you must actively manage your personal brand to send the right image of yourself out into the corporate world.

Take control of your personal brand online by maximizing the potential of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to display “your best genuine self.” It also offers “social proof” of your ability to provide the service, product or expertise your profile claims you can, as it allows you to showcase your education, certifications, testimonials, recommendations and created content, along with the extent of your professional network, and more.

Tom Peters succinctly described the personal branding revolution in his 1997 Fast Company article, “The Brand Called You”: “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.,” he wrote. “To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand...

About the Author

Sandra Long is the owner and president of Post Road Consulting LLC, a company that provides independent LinkedIn corporate training, consulting, and premium services. She delivered a talk entitled “LinkedIn’s Community: A Superpower Hiding in Plain Sight” at TEDxFergusonLibrary.

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