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Lose the Resume, Land the Job

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Lose the Resume, Land the Job


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Executive search expert Gary Burnison explains the modern realities of job hunting.

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As CEO of the Korn Ferry executive recruiting firm, Gary Burnison has interviewed thousands of job candidates, and he’s seen it all. He puts his knowledge into practice to show you how to get your next job. Don’t waste your time searching online for job openings and sending in your résumé. To find the best corporate fit and develop the best way to present yourself, turn inward. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, behaviors and personality traits. Burnison offers funny, cautionary tales about what not to do when networking, job hunting, interviewing, and more. His manual will help candidates for professional jobs at all levels. 


Surviving the Initial Job Screening

Corporate hiring officers discard most unsolicited résumés. Firms investigate candidates with rigorous background checks, testing, monitoring online social profiles, and more. Companies weed out clock-punchers as they seek special candidates who fit their culture and have passion for their work. Initial job screenings eliminate 98% of job seekers because bad hires cost companies time and money. “The cost of replacing a manager six to 12 months after he or she is hired is equal to 2.3 times that person’s annual salary.”


To assess your passion for your job, think about how you “ACT.” The acronym stands for being “authentic,” making a “connection,” and giving “people a ‘taste’ of who you are, what you do and the contributions you can make.” Employees without passion check out. They’ve had the same office for years, but they don’t know their colleagues next door. Lunch hours stretch 90 minutes. They don’t participate in meetings or videoconferencing calls. They use email to postpone events and decisions. They haven’t been promoted for five years or more, and they’re too lazy or stuck to look for another job. Before...

About the Author

Gary Burnison is the CEO of Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive recruiting company.

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