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Today, with smaller budgets and bigger workloads handled by fewer people, companies in the United States expect their employees to do more with less. That may be why some 70% of American employees feel disengaged from their work. They show up for paychecks but feel scant personal incentive to excel. Whether their companies meet their goals matters little to them. So how do you engage workers under these troubling circumstances? Procter & Gamble senior executive Scott Mautz urges employers to make work meaningful, and he believes that engagement will follow. He details how to create a job environment filled with meaning and how it can inspire employees. Mautz offers many good ideas, though some inevitably verge on platitudes. Still, getAbstract recommends his useful book to CEOs, HR executives, entrepreneurs and managers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the problem of employee disengagement affects US firms,
  • How making work matter gets employees involved,
  • How to make work meaningful and
  • How to develop “the seven markers of meaning.”

About the Author

Procter & Gamble senior executive Scott Mautz is a speaker, instructor and consultant.



Important Work

Before he became a Nobel Prize winner, physicist Richard Feynman headed a team of engineers working on a special project for the US government during World War II in America’s Southwest. The engineers’ task was to perform numerous boring calculations. Although the math wasn’t difficult, the work went poorly. The project fell notably behind schedule, and the engineers constantly made easy-to-avoid errors. Feynman understood that the relatively simple math wasn’t confounding the engineers; the problem was that they were disengaged from their work, which took place at the highly classified facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Feynman suggested that his government supervisors tell the engineers the purpose behind their tedious tasks, which heretofore had been kept from them for reasons of national security. Robert Oppenheimer, the project director, briefed the engineers on the ultimate goal of their work. As Oppenheimer explained it, the engineers were not – as it appeared – performing pointless calculations for some trivial physics experiment. The entire Los Alamos scientific and technical community was running the most momentous scientific race in world...

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  • Avatar
    Kathleen Glowen 3 years ago
    I am reading it now, lot of good insight!
  • Avatar
    Tommy Thibault 4 years ago
    Abstract. How to apply it in the real world ? I work in a small company (less then 100 employees). It seems important question, but how to be sure it is going to resonate with the employee ?
  • Avatar
    Andy Kaufman 4 years ago
    I had the opportunity to interview Scott on our podcast. It's a solid book--definitely worth picking up a copy.
  • Avatar
    West Vicki D 4 years ago